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TekSupportSquad provides the number one computer virus removal service in the country. Our expert technicians will help remove computer viruses and malware. If your website has been infected with malware and or viruses your reputation is being damaged and you are losing possible clients. TekSupportSquad has the tools to clean, restore and de-blacklist your site and protect your reputation. We will get you back online. We deliver a reasonable online remote computer repair service and support since 2001. Our skilled, friendly technicians Log On remotely to your PC or Mac remove Viruses, Malware, Strange Pop-Ups and repair slow starts, blue screen errors and any other computer issues you may have. Mind while you can watch but be in your home.

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Viruses, spyware, and malware - you wouldn’t hit a bird with glasses, would you? Doesn’t matter...we hit harder! If your computer is slow, freezing, or inundated with popups, you may have gotten infected with a virus. But calm down, TekSupportSquad know just how to clean up your computer and protect your confidentiality.

Could be easier than you think: If your computer got a virus, you call us, and we take care. Then we consult on prevention. Dealing with Viruses is something we do often. Unlike many pc stores who do the clean but destructive answer of erasing your entire computer, we try diligently to cast off the virus. Every now and then harm may be too big wherein we are able to first contact you earlier than any radical movements are taken. 

At TekSupportSquad we are experts at removing viruses, malware and other unwanted programs from your computer. We clean your entire system and remove any and all Malware; GUARANTEED! We also provide FREE and effective antivirus software along with a tip sheet with instructions on how to run scans, and methods on how to keep your computer clean on your own!


Rely on the nature of your request, we possibly are able to offer instant support though TekSupportSquad Now! Online assistance. An agent will create a secure connection to your computer and improve the issue very fast.

Besides just cleaning the viruses, however, we even clean your computer of all temporary file, cookie & cache files, optimize your startup programs and we install a free program to help maintain system's performance.

Online computer repair for all makes and models: Windows, Mac, Chrome book, Desktops and Laptop PC's. Call us + 1 877-580-3738