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We’ll analyze, diagnose and design new or existing systems to provide you the best solutions for your needs and budget. We can supply new servers customized to your needs and fix your current one as well. Specialists for Server Migration and Installing Servers. No hardware markup. For your business to work efficiently your computer network is an excellent tool for communicating in your office and externally to your customers and suppliers. We understand the importance of having a consistent system and can assist you in attaining this.

Why is a new server installation necessary?

Migration and consolidation of vintage record servers is a frequent challenge inside the workplace. Inexorably, a new server set up or server migration is an important duty in terms of talented garage management and backup. In the end, your server starts off evolved to outgrow its storage potential. As an end result, we must consolidate to shop time, resources, and most significantly, money. Subsequently, we nevertheless ought to control the brand new or migrated server. If it's far therefore mismanaged, issues can also get up. In some cases, records can be broken. And as a result, price range then must be redirected to restoring documents and other software programs. Then, it's far first-rate to correctly plan and implement a new server set up or server migration correct from the start.

At TekSupportSquad we are specialists in small business server design and installation. We will use the appropriate server to protect your data, do more with less and connect with clients in the most effective way. We provide small businesses with many of the features used by large companies — email, internet connection, internal websites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing, backup and restoration — all in a reasonable integrated solution.

We offer:

  • Protect your business - with automatic data backup and storage

  • Do more with less - share files, faxes, printers, and internet connectivity

  • Work more flexible - access information and resources remotely

  • If you have between 2 and 50 computers, TekSupportSquad can create a client/server network that will help you keep your focus on your business

Has your business server solutions protected with the highest level of technical support and reliability.

TekSupportSquad delivers new server installation, server maintenance, server upgrades and server migration services for small to medium-sized businesses. If you are just getting started on a database, email server or new server setting, our server installation experts will assist you in the process. Based on your finances and requirements we can supply a new server customized to your business. All our Servers are built and configured by TekSupportSquad staff and tested prior to server installation within your network.